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How To Speak With Families and Communities About MTSS

I came across this great article from Branching Minds on how to describe MTSS and Tiers of Support to families and communities. MTSS has become very popular among international schools over the last few years and it is now widely applied. However, the level of understanding among families and communities is limited. As Brittany Shurley, the author of the article, writes: “MTSS, and all the jargon that goes with it, is very specialized. Over the years, I have heard from families that they feel discouraged or left out of meetings because they are unclear what is happening to their child or what their child needs. To ensure that all parties understand our process, it’s essential to communicate what MTSS is with our parents/guardians (families) and communities regarding their child.” In the very comprehensive entry, she describes many aspects of MTSS and how to explain it, from what is a Multi-Tiered System of Supports and what exactly does the acronym “MTSS” mean, through the need of sha